Admission Acceptance Letter Template


Name [here mention the name of the recipient of the letter]

Address [here mention the contact address of the recipient student]

Date [here mention the date of sending the letter]

Subject: [informing the student his/her admission in the university]

Dear ________ [the full name of the student being admitted],

Congratulations! You name is in the final admission list of the students who are accepted in the prestigious ________ [the name of the department] of our esteemed institute – ________ [name of the institute offering admission].

The session will be starting from __________ [the date when the academic session begins].

We believe that you will extract this opportunity to the fullest extent in order to build a shining career in near future and making us feel proud on your achievements.


Yours sincerely,

Name [name of the sender]

Designation [position that the sender holds]

Name [name of the University]

Full Address [official contact address]

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