Admission Request Letter Template


Name [name/designation of the recipient of the letter]

Name [name of the institute from which the admission is requested]

Address [the contact address of the recipient]

Date [the date of sending the letter]

Subject: [requesting admission in your esteemed University]

Respected Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to humbly put forward my request of being admitted to your esteemed University – _________ [name of the University] as a ________ student [course level] in the department of __________ [name of the department].

I have a background of studying _________ [the main subject studied by the student] from __________ [the name of the institute where he had studied].

I had received __________ [the marks obtained by the student in his/her most recent academic qualification].

I would be grateful to you if you, along with the concerned authorities, would consider my case.

Thanking You,

Name [here mention the name of the sender]

Address [official contact address]

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