Annual Appeal Letter Template

_________________________ [Company or agency name]

______________________ [Address line 1]

______________________ [Address line 2]


_________________________ [Name of individual, company, or department being appealed to]

______________________ [Title or designation]

_________________________ [Organization name]

_______________________________ [Mailing address]

Date: __ __ [dd] /__ __ [mm]/__ __ __ __ [yyyy]

Subject: Appeal for Annual Fundraising

Dear _________________ [recipient’s name or title],

Having gone through the advertisement for supporting _________________________ [name and description of activity or programme], issued by your company _____________________ [company name] on the ____th [date] day of __________ [month], _______ [year], I have decided to appeal for the _________________________ [topic of appeal and respective description]

I wish to appeal for the above-mentioned purpose on the grounds of _____________________ [strong points to validate the appeal].

The attested photocopies of the documents and proofs of the eligibility criterions fulfilled for appeal have been provided along with this letter.

Kindly go through the particulars and sanction the appeal as it is very crucial to _____________ _____________ [individual or organization’s name] for ______________________________________ [purpose of appeal]

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours faithfully,

__________________ [Name]

______________________ [Signature]

___________________ [Designation]

Contact number:


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