Apology Love Letter Template

Dearest Faye,

The first time I saw you I realized that I needed someone like you for the rest of my life.  From that time on, there was no moment in my life that I did not think of you.  I dreamed for us to be together.

These last few weeks have been difficult for us but especially for you. I know I have done you wrong.  I realized that I have hurt you and I am so sorry.  Yes, I have spoken words that I should have not said and acted on things that I should have not done.  But I did and not a moment passed that I scolded myself for it.  My heart bleeds for your forgiveness.

If what it takes to heal your heart is space and time to be alone, then I will suffer the consequences.  But I am always hoping that one day, you will accept my apology. Till then, I will be always here for you dreaming that we can still be together.



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