Application Scholarship Letter Template


__________________________ [name of the recipient]

__________________________ [job title of the recipient]

__________________________ [name of company/organisation of the recipient]

__________________________ [official address]

__________________________ [contact number]

Date: _______________ [dd/mm/yy]

Respected __________________ [enter proper salutation]

Subject: application for scholarship letter

Hello _____ [sir/ma’am]. I, ____________ [mention the name of the sender] am writing this letter to send you an application for scholarship of _______________[mention the name and details of the scholarship].I came to know about the opening of this scholarship from ______________[mention the details of the source of scholarship information]. Since then, I have been very interested in this scholarship because _______________ [mention the reason why the candidate is interested in the scholarship].

I am currently ______________ [mention what the candidate is pursuing currently] and my other details are as follows: ______________________ [give all the other important details of the sender]. This scholarship shall help me as ______________[give the reason how the scholarship can be helpful for the sender]. If you consider me suitable for this scholarship, then you can please contact me at ________________ [mention the contact details of the sender].

Waiting to hear from you desperately,

Yours sincerely,

____________________ [name of the sender]

____________________ [address of the sender]

____________________ [contact number of the sender]

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