Appreciation Thank You Letter Template

September 11, 2021

Mr. Edward J. Darlington

CEO, Darling Banking Corporation

34 Saarland Avenue

East Side, NY

Dear Mr. Darlington,

For the past seven years of working in this prestigious company, I realized that it is not only my firmness and determination that make me maintain stability.  In fact, I figure out that your regular encouragement contributes to my professional aspirations and this further heightened my yearning to do what is best for Darling Banking Corporation.

I am lucky to work with you.  You are not only my supervisor but also my mentor. You are one of those people who can lead others into the right path of life. So, how you decide for Darling Banking Corporation and its sister companies is also like how you decide what is best for your family.

Have a nice day and I wish you happiness and luck for you and your family.

Yours Sincerely,

Mariah Kerry

Finance Officer

Darling Banking Corporation

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