Benefits Termination Letter Template


_______________ [name of the employee]

_______________ [designation]

_______________ [company name]

_____________ [company address]


Subject: Benefits termination letter

Dear ____________ [employee name]

I am writing this letter to inform you that with reference to extra benefit allowance letter no_________ (number of the benefit approval letter) send from my office to you on_________ (write the date of the letter) is terminated. The benefits was give to you against____________ (write the reason for granting the benefit) for a period of _____ (number years or months for which the benefit was permissible) effective from ______________ (date of implementing the benefit) to _________ (date termination of the benefit).The benefit termination decision was taken by our management on the account of_______________________________ (mention the genuine reason for which the befit was terminated).

It has become impossible for the company to carry on your stipulated benefits under such difficult circumstances. The management of the company after taking __________ (prevalent condition) into consideration came to the conclusion that it would better in its interest to stop the benefit given to you.

I am confident that you will understand the complexity of the current situation and co-operate with us in our decision.

Thanking you,

___________________ [sender’s name]

___________________ [sender designation]

___________________ [company name]

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