Business Customer Reference Letter Template

To Whomsoever it may Concern

This is to certify that M/s. Blue Mont Engineering’s business practice has always been to settle our job work invoices within the reasonable time limit. We had significant amounts of business deals, especially during the past 15 years, and we cannot recall a late­ payment situation involving that company.

Blue Mont Engineering was one of the best companies that we have ever dealt with since inception and we maintained close communication with the company’s production people and they always kept us informed of their upcoming workload. Thus, scheduling jobs on our works was never a problem. In addition, Blue Mont Engineering’s people always provided us with high quality specimen which hardly required any modification at any later stage.

Based on our experience, any engineering company should be very pleased to be the one that Blue Mont Engineering selects to do business with.

We wish Blue Mont Engineering every success in their future ventures.

Signed and Issued under the seal of

Fairdeal Engineering and Foundries

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